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Interviews3D – 2018 Released


3DInteractive announces the latest release of its high-performance DMU platform Interviews3D - 2018, with a range of exciting new features. Based on the latest render kernel, Interviews3D 2018 delivers new levels of real time performance for even the most massive CAD assemblies, point cloud and image databases.

Highlights and features of Interviews3D - 2018:

  • A new animation module supports...
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August 2017 Release of VGR API 3.8


Version 3.8 of 3DInteractives’s core render technology with many new features and performance improvements has now been released.

New Features of vgr 3.8

  • Subviews: Single pass, multi-view rendering, doubling the frame rate for stereo HMDs, Powerwalls
  • Automatic LoD threshold adaption to control rendered detail for best performance
  • Automatic geometry cache and VRAM adaption for optimal performance
  • P...
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Release 3.7 of 3DInteractives’s core render technology and API delivers a large number of new functions, including a new animation API, data encryption, a programmable render pipeline, a shader API, as well as post processing utilities supporting powerful graphics effects. This is the biggest new release yet in the history of 3DInteractive:

List of new functions:

  • Animation API: Interface to the...
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Version 3.6 of 3DInteractives’s API with many new features has been released.

New features include:

  • Asynchronous, parallel database updates from multiple sources are now possible during rendering. Updates are shown instantly.
  • VGR databases may contain reference points for geo-referenced coordinates.
  • Double precision functions for camera, lights, bounding boxes, etc. for more precise interaction in...
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