3Dinteractive shows new render kernel and more at IEEE VIS 2018

3DInteractive GmbH is pleased to exhibit at this year's IEEE VIS conference, the worldwide largest and most important  conference on Scientific Visualization, Information Visualization and Visual Analytics.

Over the past two years, 3DInteractive has developed a fully new render kernel, more efficiently exploiting the latest graphics hardware. Demonstrating  a five- to ten-fold performance improvement on some of the latest GPUs,* the software shows its benefits particularly in virtual reality applications, where performance and quality are essential for the sense of immersion. One of the highlights shown at the exhibition will include a virtual walk-through of scenes with billions of polygons and laser points with a headmounted display at 90 fps.

Thus 3DInteractive once again demonstrates its leadership in high end-rendering of massive data.

Another highlight is the visualization and audio rendering of surface vibration scientific data, superimposed on CAD models. Participants can immerse themselves in a virtual space and try out for example a new hairdryer with headphones and an HMD. Another interesting area of application is automotive cockpit accoustic optimization. The spatial audio effect is generated synthetically by wave field synthesis hardware developed by our partner Fraunhofer IDMT.

In yet another development, 3DInteractive will show a new streaming web-based viewer for massive data. Several simultaneous participants can explore and interact with massive CAD models from their web browser from their networked laptop or even wireless handhelds.

The exhibit is open to registered participants of IEEE VIS 2018 on October 23-25.

* compared to our previous software on the same hardware.