Interviews3D – 2018 Released

3DInteractive announces the latest release of its high-performance DMU platform Interviews3D - 2018, with a range of exciting new features. Based on the latest render kernel, Interviews3D 2018 delivers new levels of real time performance for even the most massive CAD assemblies, point cloud and image databases.

Highlights and features of Interviews3D - 2018:

  • A new animation module supports authoring and playback of animations directly in Interviews3D (in addition to animations imported from Collada files). Animations can be exported as movie files.
  • Graphic effects, such as hidden line drawings, ambient occlusion shadows, etc. can be freely configured and combined with shadow mapping. Visual effects appear in real time renderings, high-resolution printouts and movies as well.
  • Interviews3D - 2018 is built with the latest render kernel (vgr version 3.8) with even more enhanced performance.
  • Automatic memory setting optimizes performance for any system configuration.
  • A plug-in system enables in-house and OEM developers to add their own functionality to Interviews3D.
  • Objects may be annotated with points of interest (PoI), allowing PDF documents, web links and other annotations to be attached to objects in 3D.
  • An improved map view features more intuitive camera control for easier navigation.
  • High-precision coordinates are supported for data imported from Bentley Microstation and other formats (e. g. geo-referenced models).
  • Textured elements created with AECOsim Building Designer are now supported.
  • New subscription licensing models provide added flexibility and cost-effectiveness.