September 2018 Release of VGR API 3.9

Version 3.9 of 3DInteractives’s core render technology with new features for high quality rendering, scientific visualization and virtual reality settings has been released.

New Features of vgr 3.9

  • Material shaders support the definition of glsl shader fragments as well as uniform and storage buffers in VGR materials. This allows for the integration of material definitions (e.g. MDL materials or procedural textures).
  • New HDR postprocessing effects (simple tone mapping and glow mapping) which can be used for realistic looking renderings. A floating-point-render-target is automatically created.
  • ClusterSync enables the synchronization of geometry loading states across computer boundaries. This enables synchronized loading of VGR objects in a stereo, powerwall, or VR/AR environments. An "asynchronous ClusterSync mode" can also be used to avoid network latencies and prevent incorrect displays.
  • Furthermore there are many improvements to the VirtualTexture API, such as multilayer sub-images or general purpose technical data for scientific visualization or other purposes.