Virtual acoustic simulation – 3DInteractive exhibits at DAGA 2018

Evaluate the acoustic properties of new products before they are manufactured

3DInteractive has teamed with Novicos to present a novel VR system at the annual DAGA Conference on Acoustics from March 19-22, 2018 in Munich.

Developed jointly by 3DInteractive, Fraunhofer IDMT, and Novicos, the VR system integrates structures, the results of their simulation, and their acoustic emissions during operation. Visitors to the exhibit at DAGA can both see and hear products for the first time in a virtual, immersive space (HMD and headphones). 3DInteractive’s technology now makes it possible to visualize the simulation results of extremely large volumes of data combined with near-structure acoustics in real time.

Novicos calculates the local surface speeds via a multitude of nodes in a computation model, resulting in a realistic integrated system of vibrations. Operation noise is also calculated in advance by Novicos. The simulation results for the vibrations and the near-structure sound emissions are visualized and virtually displayed in 3D using 3DInteractive’s software. The operating noise is made audible by a method developed by Fraunhofer IDMT based on wave field synthesis.

The system exhibited at DAGA is one of the results of the research project “Acoustic Advanced Virtualization of Products and Production Processes” (AVP3), funded by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.