3DInteractive exhibits at prostep IVIP Symposium 2019

The 22nd annual prostep IVIP Symposium, one of the largest vendor-neutral PLM conferences in the world, will take place in Stuttgart on April 9-10, 2019, this year under the motto “Collaboration in the Age of Smart Products and Services.”

3DInteractive GmbH is pleased to be exhibiting at this event, where we will be showcasing our latest developments, including:

Interviews3D: The digital mockup platform for visualizing and analyzing gigantic models, consisting of multiple billions of graphic primitives (CAD, laser scans, aerial photography, and more) – in real time, on standard PCs, laptops, and mobile devices.

New VGR 4.0 render kernel: Our new render backend has been completely redesigned to take advantage of the tremendous power of modern graphics hardware. Graphics performance has increased ten-fold compared to previous versions of our software.

Web streaming and web viewer: The ideal tool for collaborative planning sessions and demos at different physical locations. Multiple participants can simultaneously access massive 3D data in real time. Each individual user can independently navigate through and interact with the model, or share a joint view with others.

Interviews3D HMD + immersive rendering: For visualizing and manipulating highly detailed scenes in a VR system with head-mounted displays (HMD). In conjunction with our new render kernel, even models consisting of many billions of polygons or laser points can be experienced with full immersion at a smooth 90 fps.

We look forward to your visit (Stand 3) at the prostep IVIP Symposium from April 9-10, 2019.