New Interviews3D - Version 2023

highlighting of repetitious clashes

Automatically finding and highlighting of repetitious clashes shown in the context of the complete model with Interviews3D (Source 3D data: ZIP- Industrieplanung)

issue in Interviews3D

With a simple click in the BCF manager, jump directly to the issue in Interviews3D and have access to the information you need for evaluating and resolving an issue. (Source sample BCF project: BIMCollab)

no software installation required

View and edit massive point clouds and CAD data instantly with a web browser - no software installation or lengthy data transfer required. (Scan of train tracks: Source - galileo-ip; Source sample IFC -West River Side Hospital- project: Autodesk)

3DInteractive presented Digital Factory Solutions at the Congress "Digitale Fabrik" in Augsburg, Germany

3DInteractive showcased their newest version of Interviews3D - V 2023 and Streaming3D at the Digital Factory Congress and Exhibition, May 16 -17.

With the tag line "Real-time Visual Industry - faster, more effective, collaborative" 3DInteractive underscores the value proposition to the Automotive and Aerospace Industries. Interviews3D enables its users to visualize and validate extremely large factory plants in real time. The software allows for seamless integration of laser scans with 3D CAD and image data, to represent realistic and accurate digital twins.

The new and improved automatic clash detection function of Interviews3D - V 2023, accelerates finding and validation of issues by means of Visual Analytics methods. Moreover, the software supports communicating and managing detected issues with the BIM-Collaboration format (BCF). Factory planners in the automotive industry have already achieved a 10- to 30-fold efficiency boost from the latest version of Interviews3D - V 2023 released in April.

A further highlight of Digital Factory Solutions shown by 3DInteractive is the new, fully scalable Streaming3D application. Enterprise-wide flexible access and management of all 3D project data is possible from simple web browsers or mobile devices. International teams can collaborate remotely in real time from sites around the world.

Link to Release Notes with comprehensive list of new features.