Release of Interviews3D-Version 2022

Real-time photorealistic rendering

Real-time photorealistic rendering with physics-based materials and lighting effects, depth of field, …

3d plan

From several hundred thousand automatically calculated collisions, quickly and effortlessly discover the real problem spots, and report them for correction.


View and work with massive point clouds and CAD data instantaneously using standard web browsers – no software installation required, no time-consuming data transfer necessary.

It is our pleasure to announce a major new release of Interviews3D - Version 2022, with drastically extended functionality.

Real-time Visual Industry: Optimize 3D planning processes enterprise-wide - faster, more effective, collaborative!

Faster: Interviews3D's new dual 3D rendering engine increases real-time visualization and processing speed for extremely large CAD data sets, point clouds, complex physics-based materials as well as image data by more than 10 times (compared to previous versions).

More effective: Clever issue management combined with visual analytics and a redesigned, flexible layer management accelerate the finding and assessing clashes directly in their 3D context.

Collaborative: Access joint project data simultaneously from different sites. With Streaming3D, collaborate enterprise-wide, even worldwide, in real-time 3D team sessions, within your company intranet, or over the WWW.

Discover the potential of Real-time Visual Industry with a presentation of Interviews3D - version 2022

Link to Release Notes with comprehensive list of new features.