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3DInteractive GmbH is a privately-held company, founded in Ilmenau, Germany in 2004. The company develops and licenses the high-end real time visualization and DMU platform Interviews3D for interactive navigation and editing of massive-scale CAD models on standard PCs and laptops, based on the company’s unique visibility-guided rendering technology.


A history of revolutionizing the industry

Launched in October 2005, release 1.0 of 3DInteractive's real time massive model rendering technology pulverized the limitations aerospace and automobile developers had faced to that date. For the first time, extremely large CAD models of complete airplanes and complex manufacturing facilities could be visualized in real time on standard PCs and laptops. This new approach eliminated the need to reduce model data size and speeds development and review cycles.

Leading the industry today

The technology that transformed the industry over a decade ago has set a new standard in the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, digital factory planning and production industries. Industry leaders worldwide choose 3DInteractive for its incomparable technology, proven expertise, and unfailing support services.

Investing in the future

3DInteractive continues to reinvest profits into expanding its talented and motivated staff to stay ahead of the curve and preserve our unrivaled industry position.