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Software Development kit and partnership offers

3DInteractive has helped its partners and customers to accelerate their existing processes by integrating Interviews3D technology in various industry applications, such as digital factory planning, aerospace, automotive, virtual reality, education and other. The Interviews3D SDK enables a seamless integration of this technology in existing software systems and processes.


The interviews3d sdk includes

  • A dynamically-linked library with an application programmer interface (API)
  • Software development kit (SDK)
  • Programmer's manual
  • Sources of sample applications
  • An Interviews3D viewer for test and reference purposes


The rendering and interaction software system is made available to partners in form of two license models:
A basic developer license, or a premium partnership contract.

About 3dinteractive


developer license

Developer Kit - Basic Version

The basic developer kit is for the professional in-house development partner of 3DInteractive GmbH or OEM reseller with its own value-added software development under the development partner contract (basic version). The contract provides a developer license with three developer seats and the right to purchase additional end-user licenses at a discount.


developer License

60 end user licenses included

Developer Kit - Premium Version

The premium developer partnership kit is designed for our long-term professional partners, as well as for in-house development partners and OEM resellers with their own value-added software development. The premium partnership package makes sense for 20 or more new license installations per year, or 300 or more permanently installed seats. Discounted end-user licenses available.